1 The Old Woman Who Named Things

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The Old Woman Who Named Things

Written by Cynthia Rylant

Illustrated by Kathryn Brown

Reviewed by Steven S. (age 9)

The Old Woman Who Named Things

This story is about an old woman that named things. She named her car, chair, bed, and her house. The woman is lonely. She sees a dog at her gate. She named things but this time she did not name the dog. She gave the dog food and the dog came for months. One day the dog did not came and the old woman was worried. She called the dogcatcher because the old woman did not see him and she missed him. She tells the dogcatcher how the dog looks. What do you think happened next?

This book is funny and it's sad too. My favorite part was when the dog came to her fence because it is a sad moment. My favorite character is the dog because it does not have a home and it is sad. In this book the pictures do not look real but I still like them. When I was reading the book I felt like I was in the book. In this book I remembered when my cousin used to name everything.

I recommend this book to people that name things like the old woman. The feelings I have about the book are that it almost made me cry because the women thought the dog would come but the dog did not come. I think people should read this book because you could learn a lesson. The lesson is you can't name things all the time.