1 Pony Pals The Blind Pony

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Pony Pals The Blind Pony

Written by Jeanne Betancourt

Reviewed by Mindy W (age 9)

Pony Pals The Blind Pony

Are you the kind of person who loves horses? Well, if you are you will love this book. The main characters are Kim, Lulu, Danny, Lightning, Anna, and Pam. Danny is a blind pony, but he is very gentle. I think the story could take place now. The setting is in Wiggins Town. It is very sunny, and there is a barn where Kim lives with her grandparents and her pony Danny. Kim's parents don't know that Danny is blind and if they find out they probably won't let Kim keep him, because it might be hard for her to teach him. But Danny is a very gentle pony and Kim wants to keep him, because he's perfect for her.

Pam is my favorite character in the book, because she is so helpful. Pam reminds me of my Aunt Lorrane, because my Aunt is just like that. For example, Pam was helping Danny believe in Kim when she told him to do something. Danny learned the lesson to believe in Kim when she told him to do things like jump over rails. In this book I especially liked the lead which said, "Pam Crandle was grooming her pony Lightning for a pony pal trail ride." There was a lesson in this book too. It was you have to trust others. Everybody needs to trust somebody.

I recommend this book because it is a very sweet book. I think this book would be good for kids who love horses, because this book is all about horses. So now if you are the kind of kid who loves horses come and read The Blind Pony.