1 Angelina's Birthday

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Angelina's Birthday

Written by Katherine Holabird

Illustrated by Helen Craig

Reviewed by Kelsey S. (age 8)

Angelina's Birthday

Angelina loves her bike. She races her best friend Alice. Angelina goes so fast she doesn't see the large rock in her path. Her bike is ruined, she decides to do chores to raise money for a new bike. She still doesn't have enough money for a new bike. For her birthday she gets a new bike. Angelina had the best birhday ever.

My favorite character is Angelina because she is nice and very cute. The story taught me to be helpful to others. This story has pictures and they do help tell the story. They are very pretty and colorful.

I do think others should read this book because it is a wonderful story and teaches you to be helpful to others.