1 Pirates Past Noon

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Pirates Past Noon

Written by Mary Pope Osborn

Illustrated by Sal Murdocca

Reviewed by Leo S. (age 12)

Pirates Past Noon

Jack and Annie, and their pet parrot Polly, were in the tree house when they saw a pirate book. Then, the tree house began to spin. Then everything was very still. When they looked out the window, they were at the beach! While they were playing, Jack saw a pirate boat, and then he and Annie retreated, because they were scared. They came to the island to look for treasures. Then Cap?n Bones and his men caught Jack and Annie! Then, Cap?n Bones shot both guns in the air! After that, Cap?n Bones said, ?Dogs, look what?s inside the tree house!? It was all of Jackie and Annie?s books so Cap?n Bones wanted to tell the pirates where are the treasures. Jack and Annie have adventures with the pirates, but all the time they want to go home. Find out why when you read the book! When Jack and Annie finally get home, their pet parrot, Polly, had turned into a beautiful old woman with piercing eyes! This section leads us to another adventure that has a mysterious and surprising series.

I think this book is really exciting because it tells us not to talk to strangers ? you might get captured like Jack and Annie! I liked the characters because they are interesting. I like when the Magic Tree House spins around and goes somewhere because it should be a fun ride.

I recommend this book to anyone that likes series books, or loves to read!