1 Red Sneakers

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Red Sneakers

Written by Lisa Lawston

Illustrated by Lisa Lawston

Reviewed by AJ and Ricky (age 6)

Red Sneakers

A boy named John wants red sneakers, because he thinks he can do anything if he had red sneakers. When he goes to the store to get the red sneakers, they do not have any! The red sneakers are gone, so what will John do?

My favorite part of the book was when John decided to buy rocket sandles because there were not any red sneakers. That reminds me of when I got new sandles. I think it is smart of John to change his mind about the sneakers because there weren't any more sneakers. If the shoes I wanted were gone, I would look around for another pair.

I recommend this book to kids who like shoes because John thought the red sneakers would cool off his feet and give him super speed. I think that boys and girls will like this book if they agree that shoes can help you go fast. The rocket sandles that he picked were nice and fast, too. My shoes I wear for gym class make me go fast!