1 Squirrels

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Written by Brian Wildsmith

Illustrated by Franklin Watts

Reviewed by Jacob & Emily M (age 7)


This is a fact book about squirrels. It describes what squirrels look like, where they live, where they sleep, and about their lives. The squirrels like to go in gardens and pull up new plants. They eat bulbs and bite the tops of very young trees. Squirrels also eat nuts, of course. They are very quick animals and are always working to store up food for the winter.

I like it when the squirrel put the nut in his cheeks. It made me laugh to see his fat face. The squirrels remind me of my neighbor because squirrels are always moving and busy and so is my neighbor. The illustrations are very colorful and bright and they show you what squirrels look like.

I recommend this book to people who like squirrels because this book has lots of pictures and facts about squirrels. I think my friend Lisa would like this book because she does like squirrels, she even leaves food for them.