1 Seymour Simon's Snakes

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Seymour Simon's Snakes

Written by Seymour Simon

Illustrated by Seymour Simon

Reviewed by Peyton & Vincent (age 7)

Seymour Simon's Snakes

This book tells about different kinds of snakes, like the Eyelash Viper. It tells about what snakes are able to do. Snakes can swallow their food whole. Some snakes can climb trees. Snakes live in the desert and in the rain forest. Snakes eat mice.

I liked learning that the Hognose Snake flips on its back when it gets alarmed. My favorite part of the book was when the King Snake ate the Rattlesnake. My favorite snake is an Emerald Tree Boa because it can climb big trees. I thought that snakes had one layer of skin but in the book it says that they have three layers of skin. One of the snakes, the Anaconda reminds me of a snake I saw on a fishing trip.

I recommend this book to kids who like true stories because this book is full of facts about different snakes. I think anyone interested in snakes would like this book because it gives you a lot of information. It tells about poisonous snakes, and that is good information to know.