1 Hercules Friends and Foes

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Hercules Friends and Foes

Written by Lundell Margo

Illustrated by Cardona Studio

Reviewed by Matthew J. (age 8)

Hercules Friends and Foes

I'm going to tell you about Hercules Friends and Foes. Hercules and Zeus are the good guys and Hades is the bad guy. There are lots of characters in it that might scare little kids. Some of the scary people are the Cyclops and the Hydra. The Cyclops is an ugly monster and the Hydra is a scary snake. To find out more about the other people read this book.

I like this book because Hades is funny. My favorite part is when Hades acts like Mr. Happy. My favorite characters are Hades because he's funny, Zeus because he's cool, and Meg because she's pretty.

I would not recommend this book for kids under 4.