1 Goosebunps: Horror At Camp Jellyjam

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Goosebunps: Horror At Camp Jellyjam

Written by R.L. Stine

Reviewed by FernandoD (age 11)

I liked this book.The book is about two kids in camp Jellyjam, Wendy and her brother Elliot. The camp is a sports camp and they have to always do their best. if they don't they could disappear.

It was fun to read. I liked the part when Wendy found King Jellyjam for the first time. He was a big stinky monster. He tried to eat the kids that didn't win sports or do their best. I also I liked the part when they were in the dinning room and Elliot pretended he didn't know his sister when she tried to help him. Wendy knew something was weird about the camp and tried to warn Elliot but he didn't want to leave. I also liked the part when the monster was killed. Wendy was a good girl and a good sport.

I would recommend it to others because it was fun to read.