1 Goosebunps: Horror At Camp Jellyjam

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Goosebunps: Horror At Camp Jellyjam

Written by R.L. Stine

Reviewed by CarlosG (age 11) & GloriaS (age 11)

This book is about Wendy and Elliot's trip to Camp Jellyjam and the trouble and problems they get into. They play sports and sleep with other campers and have to do whatever the counselors tell them to do. But there is more tothe camp then they realize. They get trapped in it and can't get out. Everywhere they go they run into counselors that send them back to the camp. Everyone says they have to always do their best, but they people who do not do their best are getting lost and not returning.

We liked the book and are almost finished with it. Our class read it together with our teacher. Our favorite part was when Wendy and Elliot almost got eaten by the monster. Wendy is funny and so is Elliot. She is trying to get out and Elliot doesn't know why.

Finally, Elliot understands how weird the camp is and tries to escape with Wendy. They make a plan to escape at night and when they do they almost get caught by King Jellyjam

The book is exciting and scary and fun to read. It is part of the Goosbumps series. We liked the book and it was fun to read. The story reminds me of when I went to camp and all the sports and games we played.

We recommend the book to other kids who like the Goosbumps stories.