1 Animorphs The Stranger

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Animorphs The Stranger

Written by K.A. Applegate

Reviewed by Walter R. (age 9)

Animorphs The Stranger

Marco a funny boy, Tobias a boy stuck in a hawk morph, Jake the fearless leader of the Animophs, Cassie a girl who loves animals, Rachel a girl who was made for war, and Ax an Andalite (All Animorphs) are going to their homes. When Rachel gets home her dad told her that he is moving and she can come if she wants. Rachel is so mad at her Dad that she turns into an Owl and flies away. Soon all the Animorphs where ready to go back to the Yeerk pool. They infiltrated the Yeerk pool in cockroach so they can't be seen. Suddenly a long grey stiky tounge comes on them and pulls them back into its mouth. The mouth belongs to a taxon. Do you think they can defeat the Yeerks?

I enjoyed reading this book, especially when the Animorphs went into the future because it was surprising and scary. I think Rachel was the most interesting character because she was complex and takes lots of thought to find things out. I felt glued while I read this book. It was like could not put it down no matter how hard I tried.

I recommend this book to people who like exciting adventures of kids just like you. You should also read this book because it is part of a long series. This book is a mixture of love, danger, heroics, and excitement. It's good for all ages. Read all the Animorphs books now. The Yeerks are among us!