1 The Call of the Wild

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The Call of the Wild

Written by Jack London

Reviewed by A.W. (age 8)

The Call of the Wild

This book is about a very loyal dog named Buck that is brought to a mountain in the Arctic to help someone find gold. Buck was bought from the people that he worked for by three other people that did not know anything about sled dogs. Buck was finally saved by John Thornton. Then Buck followed the call of the wild and became the leader of a pack of wolves.

A lot of unkind things happened to Buck when he learned how to survive. Some things that happened to Buck were the lead dog of the sled team, who was Spitz, kept getting into fights with him. Buck finally defeated Spitz in a huge fight that he almost lost. A few days later, Buck was bought by three people that didn't know anything about sled dogs. Then, Buck was saved by John Thornton who became his best friend. After a year had passed, Buck went to live on his own. One day, Buck felt funny. He thought something was wrong. He went back to the camp where he had lived with John Thornton and found the Yeehat Indians roaming all over the place. John was nowhere to be found.

My reaction and opinion of the book is that I liked the book because I can figure out what the hard words in the book mean. Buck changed because first he was a dog and then when he was brought to the Arctic he went to live on his own. He turned into a wolf dog and then into a real wolf. I thought the changes were very interesting.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is smart because there are hard words in the book and who likes wolf dogs. At first I didn't want to start reading it, but when I finally started, I couldn't put the book down. So read The Call of the Wild!

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