1 Animorphs The Capture

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Animorphs The Capture

Written by Katherine Applegate

Reviewed by A.B (age 8)

Animorphs The Capture

The book I read was Animorphs book #6.The author's name is K.A. It was about a boy named Jake and a yerk got into his head. Now I bet you are wondering what a yerk is. It is a slug type creature that gets into people's heads and controls them. His friends help him get the yerk out of his head. Jake and his friends can morph into animals. They help to get the yerk out of his head by morphing.

My favorite part is when the yerk is talking to Jake because it is really cool how you can talk in your head what he is saying in whatever deep, scary voice you would like.

The character changed because a yerk got into his head and he was saying things he wouldn't naturally say, like "I'm fine. You don't need to worry about me!" But his friends knew something was fishy about him.

The character that I found interesting was Cassie because she knows about everything that has to do with animals and at the same time she knows about everything else. She is also interesting because she is the best morpher. She also is my favorite character.

The book made me think about if yerks were real and if people could really morph into animals then that would be really cool. You should really read this book to find out what it makes you think about.

I would recommend this book to a friend because you don't know what is going to happen and when you put the book down you just want to pick it back up again. I loved the book because it is a cliffhanger and I didn't want to put the book down. All the books of that series are like that.