1 Oliver Gets Hearing Aids

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Oliver Gets Hearing Aids

Written by Maureen Riski

Illustrated by Nicolas Klakow

Reviewed by Kyle A (age 7)

Oliver Gets Hearing Aids

Oliver is an elephant and he gets hearing aids. He could not hear his friends singing to him. Oliver turned the TV all the way up at home.

I liked this book because Oliver got hearing aids. Hearing aids help you hear. I have a cochlear implant. I like to hear questions, stories and songs.

My favorite picture is the hearing game test. I like the part where the doctor squirted stuff in his ears! It makes earmolds. It feels cold and I liked it. I like to remember what happened when I got my implant.

Other kids would like this book because it's a cool book. Oliver has a lot of friends.

Kyle A
is a student in
Colleen's Book Club