1 Snarf Attack

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Snarf Attack

Written by Mary Amato

Reviewed by R.O. (age 9)

Snarf Attack

Snarf Attack by Mary Amato is a funny book. Wilbur and Orville try to find the secret of life so they make an adventure everyday. After that Golith was a meanie and pushes everyone around. He hit Wilbur with a snowball. Wilbur and Orville tried but they couldn't hit Golith. The next day they invented the flinger and the Doobie Dude wipe out boots. Will their machine work?

This is a super book! It is funny because Orville put a spider in Wilbur's cup and Wilbur screamed because he didn't know it was there! It was an interesting book too. They make an adventure everyday. Each day they create new and exciting adventures. This book had three stories in one book so you don't have to get out three books. Snarf Attack was a funny and interesting book. I just couldn't put it down!

I recommend this book to people who like to laugh. The book is funny and made me laugh. The pictures are funny when you see them. Who ever likes adventures this book is for you. Snarf Attack is for people that like to laugh like you have never laughed before!