1 Spiderwick- The Seeing Stone

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Spiderwick- The Seeing Stone

Written by Tony Diterlizzi

Reviewed by P.F. (age 8)

Spiderwick- The Seeing Stone

The Spiderwick Chronicles: The Seeing Stone is about goblins trying to take the field guide from Jared. In the beginning of the story, Jared goes in the cellar and gets the field guide. Then, goblins came and tried to take the field guide and took Simon instead. Would they ever get Simon back, or would they get captured as well?

This book was really weird because five goblins tried to take the field guide. It was also weird because a giant troll tried to catch Jared and Mallory as they crossed the lake. Another reason why the story is weird is when Jared, Mallory, and Simon crossed the lake with the goblins chasing them and the troll ate the goblins. Would there be more goblins in the story?

I enjoyed the illustrations in this book. My favorite picture was when Jared and Mallory were battling the goblins. This illustration showed them fighting with swords and showed the goblins sharp teeth and claws. My second favorite picture was when the troll was looking at Jared and Mallory. The troll looked like it was going to attack them at any moment. The illustrations in the book are really cool!

My favorite part of the story is when the troll ate the goblins. My second favorite part of the story is when Jared and Mallory scared off the goblins. The goblins were scared off when Jared and Mallory tried poking them with swords. There are several wonderful parts to this story!

I recommend this book to others because it is exciting, funny, and has great illustrations.