1 Stanley and the Magic Lamp

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Stanley and the Magic Lamp

Written by Jeff Brown

Illustrated by Scott Nash

Reviewed by Tabitha L. (age 9)

Stanley and the Magic Lamp

In the story Stanley is the main character; he is just a regular boy. Stanley and his brother were doing their homework when Stanley rubbed a very odd teapot that they were going to give their mother. Suddenly black smoke came puffing out of the lamp. When all of the smoke was gone, there was a young boy above the pot. It was a genie and he said that Stanley could make three wishes.

The first wish Stanley made was he wished for a liophant. It was half lion and half elephant. Stanley did not mean to wish for it, but he mixed his wishes up. The second wish he made was for his mother to be famous. His third wish was that his dad could be a super good tennis player. He wanted that so his dad would win a challenge with a really mean tennis player, who was also super good.

At the end of the story Stanley had to unwish all of his wishes because his family could not take anymore. TV reporters would ask Stanely?s mother private questions. The liophant was eating all of their food and everyone could not keep the genie a secret.

My favorite part is the first supper Stanley?s family had with the liophant. The liophant kept on eating and eating like an eating machine. Stanley?s family was very surprised by how much a small animal could eat.

I loved the book. It was funny and cool. I liked the book because it had magic in it. I love to read magic books. My favorite part is about the liophant. I think you will like this book too.

I liked Arthur because he is afraid of everything. Arthur is Stanley?s little brother. Arthur is so funny. I especially like funny characters. Arthur reminds me of my best friend because she is afraid of everything. When Stanley rubbed a magic lamp, black smoke appeared. Arthur was so afraid he rand right under the bed.

I think this book would be good for someone who likes silly books. I think that second and third graders would really enjoy this book.