1 Salamandastron

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Written by Brian Jacques

Illustrated by Gary Chalk

Reviewed by Blake B. (age 12)


This book is about the badger mountain Salamandastron, and a young badger maid named Mara, who wants to get away from the responsibilities that are put on her. Then she finds Klitch, a young ferret, who is the son of Ferahgo the Assassin, who is the evil one. Mara gets away, and goes on a desperate adventure, to find a home to call her own. But in the end she returns to save the mountain from the Vermin attack. At the same time a young squirrel named Samkin, travels from Redwall to track and find the two stoats, Dingeye and Mucker. Dingeye and Mucker stole the great sword of Martin the Warrior. To find out what happens to our adventurers you have to read this book.

My favorite part of the book was when Samkin killed the Deepcoiler, a giant eel that lives at the bottom of the lake. This is my favorite part because it has suspense, action, and the show of friendship to each other. I really liked the way Brian told this part of this story because I can see it all happen before my eyes. The character that changes the a lot in the story is Mara. In this story Mara just wants to get away from Salamandastron, but as the story goes on she slowly starts to feel a longing to go back. This book is part of the Redwall series. Every book is different except for one or two. You will almost always find the same two characters in two books.

I highly recommend the book to any one who wants to read it because it has every thing a reader could want. I think any kind of audience could read this book. One of the major things about this book is the way that Brian tells the story with so much detail. I hope every one gets a chance to read this book.