1 Sheila Rae, The Brave

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Sheila Rae, The Brave

Written by Kevin Henkes

Illustrated by Kevin Henkes

Reviewed by Kathaleen R. (age 10)

Sheila Rae, The Brave

Are you brave? Well here's a story about a brave girl. Her name is Sheila Rae and she is very brave and isn't afraid of anything. She isn't afraid of dogs or cats or other things. Sheila Rae likes to tease her little sister because she isn't as brave as she is. One day Sheila Rae got very scared because she heard frightning noises that were worse than thunder. Sheila Rae was crying because she was very afraid. She said, "I want my family!" Her sister Louise was hiding from her at first but then Louise said "don't cry. I'm here." Then her sister became brave like Sheila Rae. Now Sheila doesn't tease her sister any more. Sheila learned a big lesson to not call people names. Now they were both brave and happy.

The part that I like about this book is when Sheila Rae gets scared and she is all by her self. I like Louise because she says she is brave and it turns out to be true. The funny part was that Louise shows her sister she is brave and I think that Sheila Rae felt dumb about her self.

I recommend this book to a person that it is trying to be brave because it gives you lots of examples of how to do that. I think that lots of people will like this book because it's very funny and interesting.