1 Swamp Monster in Third Grade

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Swamp Monster in Third Grade

Written by Debbie Dadey

Illustrated by Margeaux Lucase

Reviewed by Rylie P. (age 9)

Swamp Monster in Third Grade

This book is about a swamp monster named Jake. He was watching some kids throw a frisbee until it landed in the swamp. After the kids left, Jake got out of the swamp and found some carrots in the trash can. He picked them out and ate them. Then all of a sudden he fainted. When he woke up, there were the same kids he saw earlier that day. Read the book to see what will happen to him and to see what great adventures he will have.

I liked reading this book because the author is such a good writer. She has a lot of interesting surprises, and she seems to know just what third graders like to laugh at. The best part is when Jake scares another kid named Timmy. Jake turns back into a swamp monster and he scares Timmy, the bully, and Timmy runs out of the boys bathroom and he gets in trouble with the principal. That part is really funny. This book reminds me of my brother Gilbert. It reminds me of him because he is sometimes nice to me like Jake is nice to his sister. My brother likes to goof around at school, and that is mostly why he reminds me of Jake. My favorite character is Jake because he funny and really active. He plays frisbee in the swamp with his family, and that is pretty interesting. I've never known anyone who does that.

I recommend this book to kids in third grade and older, because it is a funny and entertaining book to read, and the author is such a good writer. If you like the author, Debbie Dadey, you should read this book. She wrote the Bailey School Kids books, but this is not part of that series.