1 Pee Wee's Tale

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Pee Wee's Tale

Written by Johanna Hurwitz

Illustrated by Patience Brewster

Reviewed by student in Mrs. McCue's 4th Grade Class

Pee Wee`s Tale.

Pee Wee`s Tale is about a guinea pig that goes on an adventure. Robbie Fischler owns him for only a couple of days until Robbie's father throws him out. He gets thrown out because Mrs. Fischler (Robbie's mother) doesn't like guinea pigs. "I can't relax. I even wake at night thinking of him crawling around. We'll just tell Robbie that he got out of the cage." Mr. Fischler puts Pee Wee in a park where he finds a squirrel friend named Lexi who tries to help Pee Wee find his way back home. In the park Pee Wee has many exciting things happen to him. For example, Lexi tries to teach him how to climb a tree. Another example is he reads to some squirreles and they like it. Pee Wee's main mission is to get home to Robbie. Do you think he finds his home? Read the book to find out.

My favorite part is when Pee Wee finds his friend Lexi. I like this part because Lexi helps him deal with his problem. Lexi reminds me of my mom because she helps me find stuff when I need it. This book is like Hugh Pine because Pee Wee is intelligent and so is Hugh Pine. Pee Wee changed because instead of being a house pet forever he lived out side too.

I recommend this to third graders and older that like adventures because this is an adventurous book. Younger children might like it if you read it aloud it to them. They might think a reading guinea pig humerous.