1 Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born

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Tell Me Again About the Night I Was Born

Written by Jamie Lee Curtis

Illustrated by Laura Cornell

Reviewed by Tiffany L (age 9)

This story is about a girl who ask her parents to tell her about the night she was born. Then her parents told her the story. She likes to hear the story. Her parents adopted her because the lady couldn't grow a baby in her tummy so another woman who was too young to take care of her gave her birth. Then she gave the baby to the new parents. Her parents go on a plane so they can pick her up from the hospital and bring her home. They were so happy and the mother had happy tears.

This book is very nice. The girl asks her parents a lot of things. You can do that with your parents too! My favorite part is when she drinks from a bottle. The illustrations were very beautiful and funny. Something special about the book is that this girl got adopted.

I recommend this book my family, my friends, and my teachers. People who are interested about adoption should read it.