1 Jack Frost and the Magic Paint Brush

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Jack Frost and the Magic Paint Brush

Written by Kathy Dorling

Illustrated by Kelly Oechsli

Reviewed by Kelsey M. (age 8)

Jack Frost and the Magic Paint Brush

The book is about Jack Frost who likes to paint. There is a contest and he enters the contest. He paints a flower, but someone painted one. So instead, he painted a bird, but someone else did. They day of the contest he woke up really early. He decided to paint everything in the town white. Read the book to find out who won the contest.

My favorite part was when Jack Frost painted everything white. It looked so real!

My favortie character was the king. He is so royal. The king held the painting contest. He was the judge for the contest. The king was the king of the town.

My favorite picture was when the king saw the white painted all over the town. It was beautiful!

I recommend this book to kids in K-3. They will like it a lot. I think you should read it. It is a very nice book.