1 Magic Tree House- Vacation Under the Volcano

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Magic Tree House- Vacation Under the Volcano

Written by Mary Pope Osborne

Reviewed by Casey F. (age 8)

Magic Tree House- Vacation Under the Volcano

The story is about two kids named Jack and Annie. One day they were going on vacation. They asked their dad if they could go out and be back in ten minutes. Then they ran to Frog Creek woods and they walked into the woods and looked for the tree house. They found it on an old oak tree and they climbed the rope ladder. The tree house started to spin then everything was still, absolutely still. Then they ran toward the town that they landed in and walked down the path and finally found the library. They found the book that Morgan asked them to get and they ran the to tree house to get back home.

My favorite part is where the volcano erupts and Jack and Annie have pillows on their heads and fall in a ditch and Hercules saves them. Hercules protects Jack and Annie by taking them to the other side of the ditch. This was an exciting part of the book and the picture showed Hercules saving Jack and Annie.

I have three favorite characters, they are Jack, Annie and Morgan le Fay because they do cool stuff and Morgan le Fay disappears when they aren't looking. She disappears and goes back to Camelot. Jack and Annie always go on cool adventures.

This book is like the thirty-one different kinds of Magic Tree House books because in every book they go on an adventure. Jack and Annie go on a lot of adventures but always get back to the tree house.

I did really like this book. I would recommend this book to second grade and up. Younger kids would have a hard time reading the words in this book. Older kids would enjoy the adventures that Jack and Annie go on.