1 Song Lee and the Leech Man

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Song Lee and the Leech Man

Written by Suzy Kline

Illustrated by Frank Remkiewicz

Reviewed by Sarena P. (age 8)

Song Lee and the Leech Man

Song Lee is a girl who sits with a boy named Sidney on the way to a bug camp. When they get there they walk around for a little bit. Then when they go to a pond a boy named Fred tried to tickle Sidney and he fell in the pond. He had leeches on him. They got salt out and put it on Sidney. They got the leeches off and they ran out of salt. There was one more leech and Song Lee took soy sauce out of her backpack and poured it on Sidney. The leech fell off Sidney.

I think that the book was good. The book had good humor and it was funny.

The book was different from Henry and Mudge books because the book that I read was exploring stuff. Henry and Mudge is kind of normal.

The story reminds me of my cousin Cade. He got a leech on his foot.

I think someone who has a leech experience should read the book.