1 Remember Me to Harold square

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Remember Me to Harold square

Written by Lawrence David

Illustrated by none

Reviewed by Jesika D. (age 12)

Remember Me to Harold square

Kendra is fourteen and lives in New York with her brother and her parents. Summer is just beginning and all of Kendra?s friends went on vacation. When she started to think it is going to be the worst summer ever her parents tell her and her brother that Frank Lee, a fifteen year old boy from Wisconsin farm, will be staying at their house all summer. Kendra thinks that she is not going to like him and thinks that now she is going to have to stay home all day and watch the both of them. But when Frank gets there Kendra?s parents spill another surprise. They have planned a serendipity scavenger hunt that will take Kendra, Frank, and Oscar all over the city. Will Kendra and Frank's friendship grow? You have to read this book to find out.

I think that the book's purpose is to entertain. I also think that this book is like a girl's diary because it tells you details of the day. I loved the book because it teaches you to not judge people that you have never met before. My favorite part was at the very end because Kendra realizes how close they have become. The message from the book is that you shouldn?t think that you won?t like people until you have met them. Kendra changed her ways of thinking about them. I think that this book is really cool because you get to learn and still get entertained. The author did a great job of describing the events of the day.

I highly recommends this book because it really makes you think about how you are so much like Kendra in so many ways. I think that a girl should read this book because it is like reading a diary. The book gives you every little detail in what happened during the day. I think that what attracts a lot of readers are all of the excellent details . Now you should read to succeed.