1 Ramona and Her Mother

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Ramona and Her Mother

Written by Beverly Cleary

Reviewed by Christina S. (age 12)

Ramona and Her Mother

Ramona wished her mother could stay home more often. She felt then her mother would see how she was growing up. Ramona was happy she was now in kindergarten. Being in school meant she did not have to stay at Howie's house while her mother and father worked. She also got to walk to school with the big kids and her sister. Ramona was disappointed that her parents did not give her the attention she thought she deserved and wanted. She believed that if she ran away they would notice her sadness over their lack of attention and change. Will Ramona run away? Will her parents notice her more then?

I loved Ramona and Her Mother. I thought it was a wonderful story. I enjoyed it so much I kept wanting to read on and on and not put it down. This book takes me back to when I was younger. I often wished my mother would stay home with me instead of going to work. The character I liked the most was Ramona because she reminded me of myself when I was her age. Ramona and her sister, Beezus, also remind me of my sister and me. They often got into arguments just like my sister and I when we were younger. I felt excited as I was reading this book. I kept wondering if she was going to run away. It is written in such a manner that keeps the reader's interest.

I recommend Ramona and Her Mother. I think for girls of all ages would enjoy this book because they would connect with the characters. I also believe boys under the age of eight or nine would enjoy reading this book.