1 Summer Wheels

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Summer Wheels

Written by Eve Bunting

Illustrated by Thomas B. Allen

Reviewed by Joseph F. (age 8) & Brett S. (age 7)

Summer Wheels

Every morning, Lawrence and Brady go to the bike shop just when it opens. At the bike shop, they only borrow bikes and they have to return them before 4 o?clock. Lawrence takes out the same bike every time. It was a purple bike. One day a new boy came in. He took the bike Lawrence used and Lawrence got very angry. He signed his name "Abrehem Lincoln". The new boy didn?t listen to the rules. The new boy was a grouchy and angry boy. He didn?t have many friends because he?s not nice to people. The new boy didn?t return the bike. He trashed it. He had to fix it with the bicycle man. The new boy gave the bicycle man a jelly doughnut. He said his real name was Leon. Leon changes in the story. When Leon was leaving everybody was saying goodbye and Leon was smiling back.

We recommend this book because it has a lot of feelings and action. Like when Lawrence really cares about his purple bike he says, "Hey, that?s my bike!". The action is when Lawrence and Brady go to the park and do all kinds of tricks on their bikes. But they don?t break them. Brady and Lawrence have a lot of courage to get Leon when he didn?t return the bike. We like the illustrations. Thomas B. Allen mixes colors together and uses soft colors.