1 Sable

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Written by Karen Hesse

Illustrated by Karen Hesse

Reviewed by Jacob E. (age 7)


Sable is a book about a girl who finds a dog. Her mom and dad want her to get rid of Sable. They decide to let Tate keep Sable, so Tate makes a bed for Sable. Sable wonders off and makes Tate?s parents mad. They decided to give Sable to Doc Winston. Tate went to visit Sable but Doc Winston lost Sable. Mr. Cobb found Sable and brought Sable to Tate. Sable never runs away again.

My favorite part of the story is when they keep Sable because he needs a home. My favorite character is Sable because she is a light brown and black dog. This story relates to my life because we gave a dog a home too. This story has a few pictures and they help the story.

I think others should read the story because it is about a homeless dog who lives on the streets.