1 Robert and the Clikety Clackety Teeth

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Robert and the Clikety Clackety Teeth

Written by Barbara Seuling

Illustrated by Paul Brewer

Reviewed by Tyler H. (age 10)

Robert and the Clikety Clackety Teeth

This book is about Robert and Paul. Paul falls off a snowboard. He doesn't know how to snowboard. Robert is so good at snow boarding that he dreams of winning a gold medal. During their exciting adventure, they even find George Washington's teeth.

I like this book because it is funny when Paul falls off the snowboard. My favorite part of the story is when they find where the clickety-clackety teeth are. This part was very interesting and made me wish I had some clickety clackety teeth. The story reminded me of myself because I don't know how to ski. It reminds me of the time when I fell off my friend's dirt bike and crashed like Paul did on his snowboard. This book makes you want to try to ski. The illustrations in this book are outstanding.

I highly recommend this book to people that don't know how to ski. If you like books that are fiction, you would like this.