1 Keeper of the Night

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Keeper of the Night

Written by Kimberly Holt

Reviewed by Nikolas R. (age 10)

Keeper of the Night

There are three kids in the story who suffer through the death of their mother They are now staying with their auntie and their father is now sleeping where their mother died. Isabel is trying to pull her family together. To find out more, read the story.

I liked the book because it is about death. Death is interesting because you don?t know how or when you will die. My favorite character is Frank because he is a scary psychopath who pokes himself with a knife. I think the father in this story should have paid more attention to his kids. I think he was very weird.

I recommend this book to pre-teen kids because it is not appropriate for little kids. This book has bad words and violence in it, but it is still a good book.