1 Arthur and the Poetry Contest

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Arthur and the Poetry Contest

Written by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Hunter S. (age 7)

Arthur and the Poetry Contest

This book is about a contest. The contest is a poetry contest. Fern is the only one who is entering the contest. She dares Arthur and his friends to enter. Arthur does not want to enter but he does anyway. He works hard to write a really good poem for the contest because he wants to beat Fern. Being in the poetry contest turns out to be a good thing for everybody!

I really like this book because I like poems that rhyme and I enjoy contests. The illustrations are awesome because they really help me understand the story better. My favorite character is Arthur because he wears glasses like me. Those things are why I like this book.

I recommend this book to 7 year olds. I think they would like the contest that they have in the story. The book is part of a series of Arthur books. If you like Arthur books, you might want to read this one because of the characters and what happens to them.