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Almost Home

Written by Nora Raleigh Baskin

Reviewed by Joy M. (age 10)

Almost Home

Have you ever felt like you don?t belong somewhere or you don?t belong with someone? Well, a girl named Leah feels that way in the book Almost Home. Her real mom died when she was a baby and her dad remarried and then got divorced. Now he is married again. His new wife hates Leah. This book tells about Leah going through life with her dad, her step-mom and her best friend, Will. Her dad is a therapy person and he tries to help Leah fit in. Finally Leah asks her dad to help her find ways to fit in with her new family. Then her step-mom talks to her dad and he tells her about Leah feeling sad and left out. Read how they help Leah make her life like it was before and how she tries to make her step-mom feel like a real mom.

There were things that I liked about this book and there were things that I did not like about this book. One part of this book that I liked is how the author described things. Her words made a picture in my mind. The thing that I didn?t like about this book is that some parts of the story jumped around and it was confusing to read. Something else I liked about it was that one of the characters named Will wears orange socks. It reminded me of my cousin because she wears weird clothes. My favorite part was when Leah stole a bag of chocolate chips and when she got up to her room she ate them all. The character that changed the most was Leah?s step mom because she becomes nicer to Leah.

I recommend this book because I really like how the author described the story. I recommend this book to kids that might feel left out like Leah.