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Ruby Holler

Written by Sharon Creech

Reviewed by Heather E. (age 11)

Ruby Holler

"Thinking corner. Two hours, Florida," you hear Mr. Trepid, one of the people in charge of the orphanage, yelling. And, two hours later, Florida comes out of the thinking corner, and Dallas takes his turn. Dallas and Florida are always getting in trouble until someone takes them away from the dreadful orphanage. When Sari and Tiller take Florida and Dallas in, they cause as much trouble as usual, but when they didn't get in trouble, they think Sari and Tiller are weird. They decide that they don't like either of them. All four of them soon notice that Mr. Trepid is trying to steal Sari and Tiller's money. Will the four save their money? Can Dallas and Florida learn to like Sari and Tiller? This is an extremely exciting book with many twists and turns.

I think this book is extremely exciting because it has many twists and turns. It is told by more than one person's point of view, so it makes the book more interesting. You can read from the bad guy's point of view and the good guy's point of view. It is also a good book because you can't predict what will happen next. When you think you know what's about to happen, the book tends to get boring. I found Dallas and Florida interesting because they are always being bad since they think that everyone is going to be mean to them. This book makes me wonder if they will ever get adopted.

I recommend this book for children and adults of any age because it has a lot of action and comedy. Everyone will enjoy the main characters, Dallas and Florida, who are very funny and their caretakers are used to them getting in trouble! This is a great book and no one should miss a chance to read it.