1 Arthur's Reading Race

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Arthur's Reading Race

Written by Marc Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Ofelia G. (age 5)

Arthur's Reading Race

Arthur learned to read. Arthur reads in the car, in the bed, and to the dog. Arthur wants to teach his sister to read. Arthur and D.W. go walking and he says "what is that?" Arthur says he sees 3 words. D.W. reads the words "taxi, gas, and milk". D.W. also read "don't walk". Arthur points at something and says "what is this?". D.W. says "police". Then D.W. read "ice cream". D.W. and Arthur eat ice cream. Arthur sits on a bench and does not read the sign. His pants turn white from the paint. Then D.W. says she will teach Arthur to read the sign "wet paint".

I liked the book about Arthur, because it was a funny book. It was funny when Arthur sat on the bench and he had wet paint on his pants. I liked the part when D.W. read 10 words. She really showed Arthur that she could read. The illustrations in the book were good because they looked like a cartoon.

All kids should read this book because they will like it!

(This review was dictated to Mrs. Singleterry)