1 God Gave Us You

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God Gave Us You

Written by Lisa Tawn bergren

Illustrated by Laura J. Bryant

Reviewed by Samantha K. (age 9)

God Gave Us You

GOD GAVE US YOU is about a little polar bear named Little Cub. Little Cub wants to know where she came from. So the mother bear tells Little Cub that she came from God. But Little Cub wants to know the story of her birth. Mama bear tells her that she and her papa were alone and wanted company.

My favorite part is when Little Cub says, "So then I was borned?" I liked this part best because it sounds cute like a child who is three or four years old might talk. That's how old I was when my parents gave me this book. That's one of the reasons why this book has always been my favorite book.

The character that reminds me of myself is Little Cub. When I was born I screamed and yelled like Little Cub. My Mom told me the story of my birth just like Little Cub's Mom told her about hers. Our birth stories are exactly alike. My Mom turned down the sheets so she could slip me under the covers.

The illustrations in my book use soft colors. There are a lot of whites, yellows, greens, and blues in the drawings. The colors and drawings make you feel loved.

This book is a good book for families to read together. It's a great bedtime story. It lets kids know how much their parents love them.