1 Skeleton Man

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Skeleton Man

Written by Joseph Bruchac

Illustrated by Joseph Bruchac

Reviewed by Kavan L. (age 9)

Skeleton Man

This book was about this girl named Molly. She heard a story from her father about a Skeleton Man who ate himself. That was in the past. One day when she got out of school and got home, she found out that her parents were gone. She went to bed. The day after that, her so-called uncle picked her up and he brought her to his house. Her so-called uncle fed her every day to fatten her up. Every time she would go to bed, she would have weird dreams about a rabbit. The rabbit told her that her parents were still alive but buried. The rabbit told her about Skeleton Man. Skeleton Man was going to eat her. Her so-called uncle hacked into her parent's bank account when he found out about her parent's money. One day, when she got out of school and got home, she found out that he knew about her parent's bank account and he was trying to get her parent's money. Molly found out about cameras and where her parents were. She freed her parents, and then she ran away from Skeleton Man. To find out what's going to happen, read the book.

I liked this whole book, because it had a lot of action. When Molly kicked Skeleton Man off her ankle, it was exciting! My favorite part was at the beginning of the story. Molly's dad told her the legend of Skeleton Man and how he ate himself. That was gross! I liked the character of Skeleton Man the best because he was the best "bad guy" I've ever read about.

I recommend this book to my brother because he likes scary stories. Other kids who like scary stories would like it too, because the author makes Skeleton Man seem real.