1 Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

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Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

Written by J.K. Rowling

Illustrated by Mary GrandPre

Reviewed by Arian F. (age 11)

Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire

My book is about a boy named Harry Potter. He is very unusual. His parents died because of the Potter's worst enemy, Voldemort. The Dursleys, Harry's guardians, are mean to Harry. They said that his parents died because of a car crash. Harry came to his relatives because of his giant friend Hagrid. The Dursleys were surprised by Harry's arrival. The Dursleys hated Harry from the beginning.

Soon letters started coming in for Harry. His uncle never gave Harry his letters. Then Hagrid came and he took Harry to the school for wizards and witches. The school is called Hogwards. In his fourth year at the school there was this dangerous contest. Only 17-year-old people could enter. There were three tasks. At the last task Harry and Cedric, one of contestants, went with Harry into the maze. When they got there it was a graveyard. They found a man there. Harry knew the man, but Cedric didn't know him. Then in a snap Cedric died. The man then tied Harry to a pole. The man yelled a recipe out. Then he took a drop of Harry's blood. Then Voldemort came out. Harry fought Voldemort himself for the first time. If you want to know who won then read this book.

To read this book you have to be a detective. Trust me it is a mystery. I loved the story because it is exiting. My favorite part is when Harry and Voldemort fight. I liked three characters in the story, Hermione, Ron, and Harry. Hermione and Ron are Harry's best friends. They are my favorite characters because they are the main characters. There is something special about this book because when you really read it makes you feel like you are in the story. There is a book I read that is a bit like Harry Potter, it is called Wizard World.

Harry Potter books are part of a series. The author is J.K. Rowing. I felt that Harry was my friend when I read this story. The story reminds me of when I was little and played baseball. I worked hard and won all my games. The lesson in the story is that if you want to get your goal work hard.

I think that other people would like to read the story because it could teach a big lesson. You could make great things in the world of Harry Potter. I think my brothers and friends would like this book. The book has 735 pages and 36 chapters. If you like to see and read adventures Harry Potter is the book for you.