1 Skeleton Man

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Skeleton Man

Written by Joseph Bruchac

Illustrated by Joseph Bruchac

Reviewed by Skyler D. (age 9)

Skeleton Man

This book is about a girl named Molly. She came home one day and parents weren't there. A man who claimed to be her uncle came to bring her to his house. She told her teacher that he wasn't her uncle and her teacher believed her. Every night, her so-called uncle locked her in her room. She had weird dreams about Skeleten Man chasing her and a bunny telling her which way to go. She finds a picture of her mother in her so-called uncle's room. Molly knew she had to save her mom and her dad. When she tried to save them, her so-called uncle chased her. Does Skeleton Man catch her? Read the book to find out.

I think this book is great! So far, it is one of my favorite books because it was scary. I always wondered what was gonna happen next. My favorite part was when Skeleton Man first burned himself in the fire and started eating himself. I thought it was weird and cool. I'd never heard of anything like that before! My favorite character is Skeleton Man because he is scary and because he has glowing eyes. I would like to see him in real life.

I recommend that older kids who like scary books should read Skeleton Man. They would like it because it's GREAT!