1 Gerald Mc Boing Boing

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Gerald Mc Boing Boing

Written by Dr. Seuss

Illustrated by Mel Crawford

Reviewed by Kathaleen R. (age 10)

Gerald Mc Boing Boing

This story is about Gerald Mc Cloy. He is 2 years old. His parents are worried about the way he talks. Mc Cloy says only some easy words like boing! skreek ! clang !boom! gong!. When he went to school he always said those words. The teacher sent his parents a note saying that he was a pain. So as the years passed he left his home and he met a man. The man said I'll make you famous with your words. So he became a famous singer with his words. His parents were very proud of him.

I like this story because it has a kid that is two years old. It reminds me of when I was small. I like the paintings and drawings it has of the parents and others things. There are many books by this author. I love Dr.Seuss! I wish that I could become famous one of these days.

I recommend this book because it is a great book. I think that my family will like this book and other people around the world .