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Ramona Forever

Written by Judy Blume

Reviewed by Amanda K (age 10)

Ramona Forever

In Ramona Forever there are a lot of stories about Ramona. Two of my favorites are: One day Ramona came home from school and turned on the T.V. All that was on was big people stuff. When Beezus came home she put her books and coat on her bed. Beezus went to the basement door to let Picky-Picky, the cat, out and saw that he was dead. So Ramona and Beezus had to bury Picky-Picky.

Another one of my favorites is: One day Ramona went over to Howie Kemp's house after school. Howie's uncle was there and gave Howie and Willa Jean a present. Ramona went home and told her parents that Howie's uncle was getting married. Ramona asked who he was getting married to. Her mom said, "Aunt Bea." If you want to know more about Ramona read the story. I think the book is funny because Ramona went crazy when she heard Aunt Bea was marrying Howie's uncle. One of the things that happened in this story that was funny was that one day Ramona, Beezus, Willa Jean, Howie, Uncle Hobart went shopping for the wedding. Ramona and Beezus got the same pink dress and Willa Jean got a pink flower girl dress. After the wedding Aunt Bea and Uncle Hobart moved to Alaska so they could go skiing.

My favorite part of the book was Aunt Bea marrying Howie's Uncle. Ramona didn't want Howie's uncle to be her uncle. If you like this book you'll like others written by Beverly Cleary.

I recommend this book to people who love weddings, and adventures. The plot and the characters will certainly interest you.