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April Fool

Written by Harriet Ziefert

Illustrated by Eric Demarest

Reviewed by BB (age 6)

Have you ever heard of a kid who rides his skateboard as he is telling a story? This boy tells a story about a nice elephant who gave peanuts to kids. The story he told about the elephant wasn't really true. His friends found out that he was just telling a joke. Do you think that the kid will get in trouble?

This was a good book because it had pictures of the boy skating and the skateboard looked fun to ride. My favorite part was where the elephant gave snacks to the little kids because if I were there I would get to have a snack and I think it would taste good. The skateboard guy with the blond hair reminds me of my dad skateboarding on his skateboard. My dad is really good at skateboarding!

I would recommend this book to my sister because she likes lots of books. Other people would like this book too because the boy in the book tells a funny joke. The pages are nicely colored in.