1 Charlotte's Web

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Charlotte's Web

Written by E.B. White

Illustrated by Garth Williams

Reviewed by Jessica P. (age 9)

Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web is about a pig named Wilbur who finds a great friend. It all began when Mr. Arable wanted to kill a little pig for being a runt. Fern, Mr. Arable's daughter, saved the pig and called him Wilbur. She took care of Wilbur until he was too big to keep. Fern's dad told her to sell Wilbur to her uncle Lurvey. Wilbur got lonely living in the barn. He wanted to make friends, but nobody would be his friend. Then one day he met Charlotte, a spider. Charlotte and Wilbur became great friends. When Wilbur heard from the other farm animals that he was going to get killed for Thanksgiving, he got scared. Charlotte helped him out by writing words on her web like terrific, radiant, and humble. Everybody came to see the words and thought that Wilbur was a star. The Arable family took Wilbur to the fair and entered him into a contest. You can read this book to find out what happens there.

I really enjoyed this book because it shows that friends are important. I love how Charlotte was a good friend to Wilbur. She saved his life. This book reminds me that I need to be a good friend to my friends if I want them to be a good friend to me. My favorite part of this book is when Fern could hear the animals in the barn talk and her mom thinks that she's crazy. I remember when I was younger I talked to my dolls. I hope that my mom never thought that I was crazy.

I think that everyone should read this book. It is a great book on friendship and everyone likes friends, right? I think that the readers will enjoy all the different ways Charlotte helps Wilbur and saves his life. It's a neat story.