1 Ghosts for Breakfast

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Ghosts for Breakfast

Written by Stanley Todd Terasaki

Illustrated by Shelly Shinjo

Reviewed by Alyssa A. (age 7)

Ghosts for Breakfast

Ghosts for Breakfast is the story of a boy who goes out one night with his father. They go through their neighbor's farm where they see white shiny things that scare them. They're hundreds of ghosts that are moving around and saying, "Wo-oo-oo-oo Wo-oo-oo-oo", in the moonlight. The man and the boy shut their eyes, hold hands, and run away. If you want to find out what the ghosts are read the rest of Ghosts for Breakfast.

My favorite part was when the dad and boy went through their neighbor's farm. Then they saw the ghosts hanging on the clothesline. This part was scary when I first read Ghosts for Breakfast.

The boy changed in the story. In the beginning when they went out he was scared before they saw the ghosts but in the end he was brave. I felt a little scared too but then I thought the ghosts were just towels.

I think others should read this book because it was a surprise ending to find out what the ghosts were. If you like mysteries come on and read mine.