1 Salt In His Shoes

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Salt In His Shoes

Written by Deloris Jordan

Illustrated by Kadir Nelson

Reviewed by Christian F. (age 7)

Salt In His Shoes

My book is about Michael Jordan. When Michael was little kid he wanted to be taller. Michael loved to play basketball. Every Saturday Michael followed his brothers, Larry and Ronnie to the park. They played basketball. The problem is one kid is the tallest boy on the court. Michael's team lost. Michael's mother told him to say his prayers every night and she would put salt in his shoes. Every day, instead of going to the park, Michael went to church and exercised. Michael did everything his mom said but nothing happened. He was sad and his mother talked to him. To find out what happened in the end you must go to the public library!

I like this book because it reminds me about me when I couldn't make the shot. I like the part when Michael wants to be taller. My favorite part is when Michael's mother hugs him.

I recommend this book to people that want to be taller and people that like to play basketball.