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Written by M.T. Anderson

Reviewed by Seamus B. (age 13)


Computer chips were planted into peoples' heads in a futuristic world of hover cars, artificial suns and random visits to the moon. The chips were called "feeds" and they were like an internet in your head. You could order anything through your mind like food, clothes and games. The feeds would learn what you liked and send ads to get you to buy more of their product. A teenager named Titus meets Violet and everything is great until a hacker guy on the moon hacks into their feeds.

This is a great futuristic book because it's not too complicated; it's easy to understand. It was sad and funny at the same time, too. It was funny because M.T. Anderson uses what kids actually say: curses, computer abbreviations like lol for laugh out loud and other things we say and do. It was sad because it seemed real because the things that happen in their world happen in our world, but theirs is futuristic.

I recommend this book to all people interested in teenagers. He writes in a way that makes you feel bad and emotional for the characters. He writes for teenagers as if he is one.