1 Love You Forever

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Love You Forever

Written by Robert Munsch

Illustrated by Sheila Mcgraw

Reviewed by Natasha F. (age 8)

Love You Forever

This book is about a boy and his mother. When the boy was two years old the boy was so messy he used to throw in the toilet watches and toothpaste. Then the boy grew and grew and grew and grew. Then the boy was a teenager. Then that teenager he had a band and he had weird friends, weird music and weird clothing!!

This book reminds me of my big cousin because my big cousin likes playing with my little cousins! I liked the part when the mother rocked the baby back and forth becuase sometimes my aunt rocks the baby. This book reminds me of Sleeping Beauty because in the beginning of Sleeping Beauty the mother has a baby.

I recommend this book to Gipsy, my cousin, who likes babies!