1 The Dragon of Lonely Island

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The Dragon of Lonely Island

Written by Rebecca Rupp

Illustrated by Wendell Minor

Reviewed by Gavin H. (age 10)

The Dragon of Lonely Island

Rebecca Rupp has written a great book. The Dragon of Lonely Island is about three kids spending their summer on Lonely Island. After receiving a letter from their grandmother stating,"Go to Drake's Hill," they set off. Soon they get there and meet a three-headed dragon, or tridake, in the hill. After befriending him, it tells them mystical stories that take them to a new time.

This is a one-of-a kind book. It's definitely a book you would want to read again and again. It is filled with wonderful adventures. The characters change because they learned not to be greedy, not to be ashamed of their age, and that anyone can have a good idea. My favorite part is at the end. The dragon, like he had done to the people in his stories, pricks them in the center of their hand with his claw. Then a speck of gold shines.

I recommend this book because it's exciting with a wonderful moral in each story told. This book is great story for anyone to read. It is definitely a book that all ages can enjoy.