1 The Adventures of Taxi Dog

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The Adventures of Taxi Dog

Written by Debra and Sal Barracca

Illustrated by Mark Buehner

Reviewed by Kenny B. (age 8)

The Adventures of Taxi Dog

There was a dog named Maxi that lived in the park. He lived a hard life, since he had no food to eat and was always running from the pound. Then came a taxi man named Jim and he decided to take Maxi home with him. They were both having a lot of fun. Sometimes they go to the airport and share a hotdog and watch the planes take off and land. Maxi and Jim would ride along in Jim's taxi all day. Jim didn't know that Maxi was putting on a show for the customers. One day a lady came into the taxi and she was singing a song. Maxi started singing with her and he was quite good. They had a lot of interesting passengers in the taxi. There was a pregnant lady, clowns and lots more. Read the book to find out more about the taxi dog.

My favorite part was when the clowns were juggling. This part is funny because I like the circus and I like to see clowns. While the clown was juggling he fell down. I liked this book because it teaches you about friendship. It taught me that when you are alone you can always find someone to be your friend.

I recommend this book to people that like New York City because the pictures in the book look like New York City. If you want to learn a valuable lesson about friendship you should read this book.