1 Alia Waking

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Alia Waking

Written by McCaffrey Laura Williams

Reviewed by Cerridwyn (age 9)

Alia Waking

Alia Waking is written by Laura McCaffrey. She is my mom! The book is about a girl who wants to be a warrior woman, but does she really turn into one?

Alia learns that there is more to being a warrior than bravery. A warrior needs to be strong and smart.

In this book Alia captures two of her enemies with her best friend Ky. There is a problem though. She and Ky get into a fight about who is going to feed the prisoners.

I think this book is good because it has lots of details about where they go and what they do. My favorite part is when they capture the enemies because it is exciting. I feel like I'm in the book when I read it because I'm like Alia. I have brown hair and I'm adventurous.

I recommend this book to kids in second grade and older and to kids and adults who like adventure and mystery.

is a student in
EMES Third Grade